A test management office for a global bank

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Being a global bank with over a hundred thousand employees in over 50 countries, our client’s HR processes fragmented and differed from country to country. This resulted in process and financial inefficiencies and it was almost impossible to create HR reports that effectively illustrated a global HR picture.

To address this the bank developed a global HR programme to deliver a consistent approach to HR, with the aim of driving 
efficiency, improving the service to users, standardising reporting and ultimately providing a global view of HR. The programme impacted all HR systems and also involved other teams such as finance and IT.

As multiple vendors and internal teams were involved in delivering testing across multiple test phases; there was a requirement 
to ensure consistency in testing standards, practices and governance as well as ensuring that no gaps occurred in the hand offs between suppliers.

A consolidated project plan was required to address co-ordination issues with having multiple test phases running in parallel.


The bank engaged Certeco to provide a Test Management Office (TMO). The TMO overlaid the multiple testing suppliers and internal teams to bring consistency to the testing standards, practices, and introduce a governance structure across all teams and throughout the test phases. This included defining and implementing reporting, risks, and issue management, as well as change impact analysis and on-boarding offshore resources. One of Certeco’s first actions was to bring an 
array of suppliers to the table and walk them through the test strategy. This ensured that each test phase had clear ownership, as well as enhancing the test strategy and planning. The TMO and standards. Governance and reporting to support the testing team then went into mobilisation phase to implement key processes delivery were crucial. Certeco defined and implemented standard reporting and test governance procedures. The TMO also produced a consolidated testing project plan – working with the suppliers to ensure that dependencies between teams and test phases were clearly defined, so the impact of any slippage could easily be identified.

The Certeco TMO team developed a reputation as being the dependable party for resolving high impact issues. The team facilitated deep dive workshops to drive forward resolution and ensure that the key stakeholders were represented and aware of the decisions.


Consistency: the Certeco approach ensured consistency across all test activities.

Collaboration: in bringing all parties together meant Certeco could ensure the TMO was a collaborative effort and was adopted by all stakeholders.

Transparency: greater transparency of achievements, deliverables, risks and issues meant the client could have an eagle’s eye view into the quality of the system being developed.

Confidence: the client’s senior leadership team could rest easy knowing that the TMO monitored and assessed vendor deliverables and ensure they met targets.

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