Trade Surveillance Services

The modern trading environment demands an intense level of transaction monitoring to meet regulatory requirements and ensure market confidence. This monitoring covers not only traditional scenarios, but also high frequency trading, pattern recognition and relationships.

We understand that this level of monitoring has the potential to disrupt your client relationships, if it doesn’t work seamlessly without impacting performance and continuity of service. Deploying our expert team, methods and tools, we establish robust functional and non-functional testing of off the shelf and bespoke products, ensuring your systems work smoothly and without impacting transaction flow.

Case Study

Digital surveillance of trading activities

Regulators and financial companies have been working hard to eradicate market manipulation through better regulatory process and increased transparency. Inevitably for financial companies, the strain ...


Non-functional testing of regulatory programmes

Michael Fosbrooke, principal consultant at Certeco, talks about the importance of testing in surveillance programmes.


Trade surveillance – balancing the business objective with the regulatory imperative

With the introduction of MAR (Markets Abuse Regulation) back in the summer and the looming spectre of MiFID II, due to come into effect at ...