Release management for a new digital banking platform

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Release Management case study


Our client, a major UK retail bank, was faced with the challenge of how best to deliver a new digital and mobile banking platform. The purpose of the platform was to improve the bank’s ability to meet increasing customer expectations and demands for multichannel banking and regular product and feature updates.

Through the digital and mobile banking platform, the bank also hoped to reduce its operational costs by improving the self-service experience, enabling customers to conduct more of their interactions with the bank online and on their mobiles. The bank also wanted to appeal to a new, millennial customer base, who might be tempted to switch or open accounts as a result of the improved products and features.

Our client understood that to achieve these objectives, they would need to make significant organisational, process and tool changes. Implementing an agile change approach, which included the principles of DevOps was considered the only viable option to help the bank achieve its objectives. This was to be the bank’s first major initiative utilising agile and DevOps, as they had generally used waterfall methodologies for change projects.


Certeco was already a chosen partner of the bank and had been delivering a managed implementation service for over a year. The Certeco team was able to utilise the knowledge and skills it had already acquired to support the bank on this new journey and facilitate the implementation, delivery and continuous improvement of an effective release management process, which met the new agile and DevOps principles.

The Certeco team continues to be an integral part of the digital release management function, working hard to ensure that code integrity is maintained throughout the release process whilst simultaneously meeting all set business objectives.

Originally a pilot initiative for the bank, the success of the release management approach in the digital project, means that Certeco is now supporting the implementation and delivery of a similar release management approach in the bank’s data division. This includes implementation of the tools to support release management in that area and offering recommendations for continuous improvement.


  • Smoothing the path: Certeco ensured the handovers between development, testing and production environments were seamless. DevOps methodology mitigated the risk around software releases and increased certainty of a successful outcome for the project.
  • Helped accelerate speed to market: Certeco’s support enabled the bank to make an overwhelming success of the launch of the new product/platform. This resulted in a positive reaction from customers and shareholders, reflected in strong growth in the share price at that time.
  • Best practice: Certeco was a significant partner in embedding the framework for the bank’s release management process.
  • Efficiency: Integration of automated deployment tools along with continued efforts to streamline the release management process have resulted in a slicker, faster and more stable platform upon delivery.
  • Successful implementation: The digital area of the bank is now benefiting from a higher level of successful change than any other area of the bank.

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