Maturity assessment of a major UK university’s business analysis practice

By Certeco | March 13, 2017 | Categories: Case Studies | Tags: , , ,


When a top 10 UK Russell University was transforming its IT change organisation, it recognised the need to develop the maturity and capability of its Business Analysis (BA) practice to help support its strategic plan. The BA practice had been established to provide services to a wide range of complex change programmes. These ranged from the implementation of an improved student experience and major new facilities, to research data storage and cyber security measures for the university’s faculties and schools.


Certeco was engaged to assess the client’s BA practice and develop an improvement roadmap to raise its capability and maturity to industry best practice standards.

To achieve this, we applied our BA maturity model to help benchmark the existing BA practice and identify areas for improvement. In parallel, the competencies of the business analysts within the practice were also assessed to provide a deeper insight into the current capability and help inform future training
and development activity.

We began by developing an overall assessment plan to ensure a shared understanding of the approach and assessment goals. Interview meetings were scheduled with a wide range of key customers, stakeholders and members of the practice. In addition, the current suite of practice documents were reviewed.

Our assessment produced a comprehensive report, including a visual heatmap, detailing 60 findings and recommended improvements for all aspects of the BA practice. These recommendations covered customer relationship process standards and tools, project selection, metrics and practice support. Key areas for progress included the need to re-structure the BA practice to provide clear leadership, direction and a defined BA career path. Another important recommendation was the implementation of a BA framework to improve consistency, facilitate the communication of BA activity and eliminate ‘reinventing the wheel’.

Certeco’s BA practice assessment results formed the basis for an improvement roadmap to uplift the university’s BA capability and maturity level to help support its strategic plan.


  • Insight: delivering a greater understanding of the
    current BA capability and effectiveness based on industry best practice.
  • Objectivity: providing an independent assessment of the existing BA practice’s procedures and tools and how well it is integrated into the overall change organisation.
  • Measuring success: creating a benchmark from which improvement implementations can be monitored and measured.
  • Risk identification: accurate identification of potential risks giving the client the confidence to take appropriate action.

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