Managing organisational change for a challenger bank

By Certeco | March 13, 2017 | Categories: Case Studies | Tags: , , ,


Our client, a bank specialising in credit card provision, was acquiring thousands of new customers
and enjoying significant growth. To ensure the bank’s operations could keep pace with that growth,
the company had to revolutionise how it approached change. It had a number of change initiatives underway across business and IT teams and a holistic, strategic approach was needed.

A major challenge for the bank was the lack of senior leadership to drive the change and the resource
to deliver it. Processes and systems were also insufficient, with no structured project and portfolio management (PPM) and no method for managing dependencies, milestones, burn rates or benefits tracking.


Certeco was selected for its expertise in leading and delivering strategic change initiatives, and the depth of its experience in financial services. Certeco swiftly developed a team with the right mix of skills and abilities, which was rapidly mobilised to the client’s site.

Certeco was responsible for setting the change vision and designing the strategy. The team, led by
a head of change, provided strategic direction for change across the business and developed a senior change committee, which was responsible for prioritising the change initiatives according to how integral they were to supporting the bank’s growth.

Certeco also managed the lifecycle of the different change initiatives, all day-to-day activities and set up steering committees for each project. The team also focused on requirements definition, which was integral to delivering successful change programmes.

Testing was also an important part of Certeco’s approach, with the team developing an organisation-wide testing strategy, encompassing digital and mobile testing and automated testing for mobile devices. Certeco also played a pivotal role in the bank’s development lifecycle, advising on its mix of agile
and waterfall methodologies and helping to create a hybrid, sprint-based model.

Certeco developed the client’s PPM capability, implementing a number of measures, including the development of a new business case structure, to standardise information across the change portfolio. The team also refined the steering committee’s governance procedures and implemented project accelerators.


  • New approach to change: Certeco has revolutionised how the bank approaches change and delivers successful programmes.
  • Realisation of strategic goals: Certeco’s involvement is enabling the client to achieve its strategic operational goals to help it support business growth.
  • Standardisation: through the provision of template business cases and project artefacts the team has been able to standardise working practices, procedures and documentation.
  • Best practice and knowledge share: Certeco is able to demonstrate PPM best practice (e.g. Prince2, MSP) and share knowledge and experience with client colleagues.

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