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FMI: Market Surveillance

This is the second in a series of three Financial Market Insights, here the participants explore the challenges of maintaining BAU.

FMI: Digital Transformation

Certeco sponsors a series of Financial Market Insights, here the participants explore the challenges faced when transforming to digital and multichannel organisations.

FMI: Market Surveillance

Certeco sponsors a series of Financial Market Insights, here the participants explore the challenges organisations face when implementing Market Abuse Regulations.

Key factors in delivering successful change programmes

Sandra Sheppard of Certeco talks about how leadership – amongst other factors – is instrumental in change success.

Banking for the digital age

Rob Batey puts the spotlight on whether digital banking will improve competition in financial services

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Embracing regulation with change

Augusto Negrillo discusses how financial services can embrace regulation with good change practice

Testing trading systems

Kemi Olafisoye addresses the key challenges in testing a trading application

Why do projects fail?

Graham Smith provides some insight into why projects consistently fail to deliver the benefits

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Managing quality assurance in telephony transformation

Lloyd Berry speaks about the quality assurance challenges in telephony transformation

Certeco with the British Bankers’ Association on ITN news

Certeco teamed up with the British Bankers’ Association’s (BBA) on an ITN news feature based on issues and trends facing today’s banking sector for the BBA 2014 annual conference, themed ‘Fast Forward to the Future of Banking.

The role of business analysis in delivering your business strategy

Anthony O’Hara, principal consultant at Certeco, discusses the importance of business analysis.

Driving benefits of mergers and acquisitions

Graham Smith, director at Certeco, talks about the change challenges in M&As.

Non functional testing of regulatory programmes

Michael Fosbrooke, principal consultant at Certeco, talks about the importance of testing in surveillance programmes.

The importance of an enterprise-wide testing strategy

Jane Such, head of the testing and QA practice at Certeco, talks about how an organisation-wide approach to testing is vital.

How onshore testing services help deliver agile business change

Adam Ripley, MD of Certeco, talks about how the onshoring of testing supports agile.

The challenges of QA in regulation and compliance programmes

Nick Gordon talks about how the regulatory environment impacts financial institutions from a QA perspective.

The art of successful planning

Rawle Ramnath talks about how a strategic approach to planning can maximise change success.