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At Certeco we recognise that the pressures for transformational change are impacting your sector in a unique way. Whether you are facing digital transformation, significant business restructuring through activities like divestment or rationalisation, or whether you are a regulated industry having to comply with specific standards, change on a grand scale has become the norm. But managing change carefully and delivering it with precision is key.

We work with your team to establish an expert change capability. We put in place the framework that enables your organisation to maintain its day-to-day business whilst delivering change efficiently and with certainty.

Case Study

Certeco ensures Informa provides consistent customer service

Technology upgrades are a regular feature of the IT land-scape and they are never easy. The disruption and the risk to business can be significant.

Case Study

Renovation of a passenger cruise liner

Our client, Saga Cruises, was embarking on the renovation of one of its fleet of cruise ships, an activity that takes place roughly every two ...


Managing organisation change in higher education

How Certeco helps clients maximise the value from transformation, embed principles for continuous improvement ensuring ...


Disruptive business design through connected thinking

We live in an age where disruptive technology is challenging businesses to change in order to compete. Organisations that embrace the level of uncertainty associated ...


Kiehl’s Website Failure – When Tech Glitches Put a Dent in Revenue

This morning I decided to do some on-line shopping and visited the web page for the beauty products provider Kiehl’s. The web page was offline ...

Case Study

User experience testing for major mobile network and card provider

Smartphones and mobile devices are rapidly changing the way customers pay for services. As such, many major banks and card companies are implementing mobile payments ...