As an insurance provider, you are facing unprecedented levels of change over the coming decade.

Regulatory change, digital transformation and the need for automation will bring considerable business change challenges. Business restructuring through mergers and acquisitions will also contribute in no small part to this change agenda, meaning enormous upheaval for all companies involved. Merging two organisations is never a straightforward task.

At Certeco, we bring our specialist change expertise to bear to guide you through transformational change, helping you deliver successful programmes of change efficiently and with certainty.

Case Study

Demerger within a UK Insurance Group

Demerging is a challenging transformation for a business. Our client, one of the UK’s most successful insurance companies and employer to over 15,000, was undergoing ...

Case Study

Business Restructuring: Telephony transformation for a major insurance company

Business restructuring is a complex and intricate operation. Our client, one of the UK’s leading insurance groups, was separating from its parent group and having ...

Case Study

A mobile application for a major UK insurance company

Our client – one of the UK’s largest insurance firms – was developing a “safe driver” application. Its competitors had already begun creating their own ...


Graham Smith

Driving benefits of mergers and aquisitions.


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