Capital markets

As in all areas of financial services, compliance and regulation is really driving the change agenda in capital markets. Initiatives such as trading surveillance are a high priority and you are under pressure to get such projects absolutely right.

Working with you, we create an expert change capability alongside your team, establishing sound project control and putting in place key change functions. By doing this, we are able to guide you through the process and deliver your outcomes with certainty.

Case Study

Digital surveillance of trading activities

Regulators and financial companies have been working hard to eradicate market manipulation through better regulatory process and increased transparency. Inevitably for financial companies, the strain ...

Case Study

London Metal Exchange Testing Fix Protocol

The Financial Information Exchange Protocol, (FIX) is the standard application programming interface used by trading member firms to communicate trading information electronically. If FIX messages ...


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How much of a strain is internal policing for exchanges?

The surveillance of trading activities Stories of market manipulation are never far away. The Libor trials are regularly in the headlines and suspicious dealings involving FX ...


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Challenges with Testing Trading Applications

In terms of technology, you can’t get much more complex an environment than a trading one. It is absolutely vital it works correctly, hums with ...


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Software bugs cripple Nasdaq OMX

Last week’s outage at the NASDAQ was a lesson in the domino effect technical glitches can have and the global havoc they can wreak. NASDAQ ...


Testing trading systems

Kemi Olafisoye addresses the key challenges in testing a trading application