Certeco Assure

We recognise that every organisation has unique challenges – your needs will always be different to those of someone else. That is why template solutions are rarely appropriate and can sometimes create more problems than they solve.

But we do recognise that bringing expertise in the form of an engagement process – tools, methods and unique project accelerators – is what you need to get a project off the ground rapidly and ultimately, this approach gets results. Certeco Assure is the way we deliver this. It is our way of doing business. It’s how we make certain.

Certeco Assure underpins everything we do, from client issues we address and strategic decisions we make, to every solution we implement. It governs how we work and is our blueprint for service excellence.

Certeco Assure diagram

The five-step Certeco Assure process is:


Through its client-centered approach, the discover stage of Certeco Assure enables us to gain a deep understanding of your organisation and get to the heart of your challenges. We provide clarity by defining the engagement outcomes upfront, and subsequently derive clear and precise steps to achieve the outcomes. We collaboratively explore solution design options and agree a high-level design approach.


During the design stage of Certeco Assure we work with you to develop the solution design so that it demonstrably delivers the agreed outcomes. At this stage commercial terms are agreed, the project is defined and a delivery plan created with supporting KPIs. The detail in the delivery plan highlights the clear and precise steps we will take, ensuring you have complete confidence in the solution we provide.


The deploy stage is focused on mobilising the solution quickly and efficiently. Once engaged, the Certeco team further defines the solution, providing a more detailed delivery plan and agreeing a format for progress reporting and service reviews. Short term goals are developed to gain immediate traction and show early progress, instilling confidence in the longer term delivery.


The deliver stage of Certeco Assure focuses on driving delivery of your solution to its successful outcome. The key to success is our ability to keep you in control through KPIs and regular reviews to monitor our progress and performance. Milestones and deliverables are tracked against plan and the constant capture of knowledge ensures that the deliverables remain valid and keep pace with changes to the project throughout the engagement.


At the end of an engagement it is important to acknowledge outcomes and share success. Transferring the knowledge and experience gained is an essential part of our process as well as providing recommendations for further actions as appropriate.

Download our Certeco Assure model here