FMI: The DevOps Journey: Winning the battle of hearts and minds

By Certeco | September 26, 2017 | Categories: Reports | Tags:

Proponents of the DevOps approach say that it builds on what has worked well in the past, yet there remains a weighty challenge: evidence and reviews show that engendering cultural change for continuous improvement is one of the most difficult problems executives face. The IT experts featured in this article offer some practical ideas based around three themes to make DevOps become a reality. Download report.

Roundtable Report: Software Testing In Financial Services – Is The Price Of Success Paid For In Advance? July 2017

By Certeco | July 24, 2017 | Categories: Reports | Tags: , ,

Certeco hosted a roundtable to investigate the trends and dynamics that are reframing the way that testing is viewed and managed within financial services. The roundtable on 13 July 2017, was the first of two planned for this year and facilitated under the Chatham House rule at the Capital Club by The Realization Group. Download report.

FMI: Software Testing in Financial Services – Is the price of success paid in advance? July 2017

By Certeco | June 27, 2017 | Categories: Reports | Tags: ,

Trends and dynamics are reframing the way that testing is viewed and managed within financial services.  At the heart of this change is a need for faster, more reliable technology deployment. In development circles to increase reliability this often means a ‘shift left’ in the assurance and testing process and demands a cultural change within the business. Download report.

Roundtable report: trade surveillance – keeping pace with market abuse regulatory change, March 2017

By Certeco | March 30, 2017 | Categories: Reports | Tags:

While regulators are keen to see automated trading surveillance systems in place within capital markets firms, certain challenges exist in the implementation and maintenance of effective surveillance. The roundtable on 8 March 2017, hosted by Certeco and The Realization Group was the second in the series.  Issues with maintaining business as usual were discussed by industry practitioners under the Chatham House rule. Download report.